Smoker no More

Smoker no More

I used to think of vaping as beyond me. I used to see vaper as someone with piercing and tattoos. And someone who doesn’t care about the world. So, at first, it wasn’t so much on the act but on the visual aspects of high-end vape that made me try it and wanted to myself.

That was until attended my friends party. I was too drunk that I involuntarily took one of my friend’s e-cigarettes. Dang I must have swapped my cigarettes with a vaporizer unintentionally, there must be inside me the desire to try a vaporizer.

So, what I did was search on to my phone for a vaping website so that I will know how to use one. To my surprise the webpage pointed me to a vape shop near my location and went out and visit the place right away.

To my surprise there wasn’t a group of tattooed heavy metal rocker dudes are waiting to greet me. It was a group of normal individuals. That’s when I realized that I may have stereotyped vapers.

Getting into vaping was really awesome. I got to try awesome flavors and some not so awesome flavors; endless options that made me feel like a kid on a liquid candy store. After asking a few questions the sales lady presented me different vaporizers comparisons like boundless cfx vs mighty vape. She was so informative, and it catapulted me from a beginner to an expert vaper.

Getting to vaping was one of the best random things that happened to me. If not for vaping it should be my 7th year of smoking.

Thanks to vaping, I am finally at the point of my life that I feel I am in control of my addiction and took myself out of nicotine addiction.